A Letter to Monsignor Albacete from Dan Bushman

Our friend Dan Bushman has written the below letter to Monsignor, which we share with you. Please keep Dan and his family in your prayers!

Dearest Lorenzo,

I find you in my mind today. I spent the evening with your good friend Olivetta. As you know, my leukemia has come out of remission rapidly after my transplant. Olivetta reminded me of your recount of Christ to the apostles after his resurrection “don’t be afraid, it’s me”. It is easy for me to be sad in the time, as there is no medical path towards a cure, but it is hard to be afraid. Looking at my life, I see myself having be en plucked out of nothing, and pulled into this life of overwhelming beauty that I could not have imagined. Fully embraced, fully loved. I ask that you stay with me in this time, and I ask that you advocate for me and a cure. I am certain that there is a miracle coming (I have a preference for the type though!). Please pray for my family, there is much confusion and uncertainty.